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Himalayan Salt Air Inhaler
Himalayan Salt Air Inhaler

Himalayan Salt Air Inhaler

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  • HIMALAYAN SALT Aromatherapy Inhaler. Respiratory Wellness. Sinus and Lung Relief. Himalayan Salt is unique and extremely beneficial, as it contains healing Ions and 84 minerals.
  • NO scent! Handy Portable Neti Pot! Pocket or Purse Stick. 100% Natural. Contains pure Himalayan Pink Salt. When you breathe thru the inhaler, micron-size salt particles enter your respiratory system to achieve beneficial results.
  • Provides relief when you breathe the therapeutic pure salt air. Simply inhale deeply through your nose or mouth. A natural expectorant. It is normal for some coughing to occur as the salt air breaks up mucus.
  • Many people want a drug-free alternative for their respiratory problems. Known for many decades as a natural treatment in Asia and Europe.
  • Salt air has healing, antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal qualities. Helps relieve symptoms of asthma, respiratory inflammations, colds, bronchitis, coughs and allergies. May also be used as a preventative to aid in keeping lungs clear and healthy. Recap tightly and inhaler will last for years with daily use.