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Our Story...

Well, it began with problems.

Common ones: runny noses, a bad rash, an irritated piercing, cold sores, nausea, a wart, a skinned knee. You get the idea!

Everyday problems that need healthy, fast answers.

Mom was raised by biologists and wanted 100% natural products for our family. In the early 1980’s, natural products were hard to find, so she started crafting small batches in our family kitchen.

Salves, Solutions, and Inhalers were created for the minor issues our family and friends were experiencing, and we’ve now developed a full line of natural products for all sorts of common ailments.

Fast forward, and here we are: a vibrant, family owned and operated business using the Earth’s finest ingredients. Our goal is to provide healthy & proven holistic remedies that can be delivered to your door with a few clicks.

Urban ReLeaf products are never tested on animals, just us! Proudly handcrafted in small batches, and MADE IN THE USA!

From our family to yours… good health & blessings,
    Janet, McKenzie, and Nick