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Piercing Aftercare: Cute Piercing. But Will It Last?

Piercings are hot. And popular. But when they become ‘hot and angry’, that's another story. When a keloid bump forms, it’s even worse. 

Many people ‘retire’ piercings because the irritation and trouble become too much. You want to calm and heal the tissue, but what are your options?  

There are products filled with chemicals, but is that necessary? Sterile non-iodized saline has been proven for centuries to be a piercing's best friend. It will clean, disinfect, and greatly speed the healing process. Tea tree and other essential oils have antibacterial properties that are beneficial and gentle.

Urban ReLeaf has developed a Piercing Care line using only 100% natural ingredients that are proven to soothe and heal new, angry piercings very quickly. Our items range from pre-made solution to a concentrated, medicated sea salt mix that you can mix up with warm water every time you need to soak.

So, go ahead... get the piercing!