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Lemon Balm: Goodbye Itchy Red Bumps!

Humans have battled herpes, shingles, poxes, bites, and other itchy red bumps for centuries. Current statistics show that 2 out of every three Americans is carrying the HSV1 or HSV2 virus and shingles is becoming increasingly common in the ‘under 30’ age group. 

The blisters are embarrassing, painful, and irritating. When you have a break out, it can affect self esteem, relationships, and careers.

In the mint family of plants, there is a powerful ally called Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis). It is the most powerful natural herbal remedy for battling these types of blisters. Regular application of just a tiny bit can greatly shorten the life of an outbreak and suppress future ones.

There are chemical products to help, but if you prefer a natural alternative there are options.

Urban ReLeaf has developed a Lemon Balm line using only 100% natural ingredients that are proven to soothe and heal the toughest breakouts very quickly. Our items range from a salve, a roll-on, and also a handy pocket stick.  

Take back your smooth skin and kiss those itchy red bumps goodbye with the ancient herbal remedy Lemon Balm!