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I AM IN LOVE! This balm is pure magic! My cold sore immediately started to shrink when I rubbed it on. I'm so grateful that I was able to find it! Thank you guys!! [Lemon Balm Blister Soothing Salve]

Jaimie H.

I bought this item based on reviews and natural ingredients, as well as supporting small businesses. After the second use, I could tell a significant difference... After 4-5 days, I have a piercing that I am excited to show off and looks healthy and pretty! [Piercing Solution Healing Aftercare]

Mrs. Crumbley

Have had it for 24 hours and already notice a difference on a scar I had. [Zinc Oxide Salve]

Autumn C.

I bought this for my brother-in-law, who's getting chemo treatments, because of his Stage 4 colon cancer, and he told me it works VERY well for his nausea! I recommend this product. [Nausea & Tummy Aromatherapy Inhaler]

Deb M.

As a fireman that was in 9/11 at ground zero in New York, I can honestly say that this has helped me more by far, than any inhaler that I have been prescribed... I have given this out to many of my family and friends and they all say it helps them more than anything they have taken. It is also nice to know that you aren't inhaling anything with chemicals or synthetically produced. [Neti Salt Air Relief Inhaler]

Justin M.

My whole life I've been dealing with keloids and infected piercings. I have over 10 piercings and all 10 of them have gotten infected simply because I have VERY sensitive skin. This really helps any bumps I get on piercings. I never thought I'd get rid of bumps on my nose/nipple/cartilage/etc., but thanks to this product now I have! [Piercing Care Concentrate]

Eleena R.

My elderly mom was having anxiety due to loss of hearing. The doctors wouldn't prescribe meds since she lives alone. This has really worked for her. [Calm & Peaceful Aromatherapy Inhaler]

Jo Anne F.

I ended up gifting this chest salve to a older resident at the assisted living facility where I work. I had used it a few times to fantastic relief! The resident's daughter said that it had helped her mother greatly. Keep on making this excellent product. [Neti Chest Salve]

Lana I.

I got this for my pup's dry cracked paws when I noticed him starting to limp from them being so sore. Within a few days of applying before bed there was great improvement. My pup also gets hot spots every spring and will definitely be buying more when I run out. [Paws & Pups Healing Silk]